The Time My Cat Went Viral On The Internet

Roughly a year or so ago I was busy sitting at my kitchen table writing music with my cat jealously hanging out by my feet. We constantly play this game where I can never guess the correct amount of attention to give her, and by the sounds of her whining I was loosing again.

This was back when we lived in Nebraska, so we had seasons that were heralded by sudden differences in temperature (way to go, San Francisco. I can’t believe we have lived here for a year.). It was starting to get cold outside, which meant that my Cat (cleverly named “Cat”. No relation to Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I just label things.) had started her routine of firmly pressing her butt on top of the floor heating vent in the kitchen full time. Full disclosure, I figured this routine out while I was on the phone with our heating repairman complaining that the heat was not reaching our kitchen and somehow it smelled like (something’s) butt. The conversation went a little like:

Me: “I mean, what the heck man?? You were just here! And the smell happens specifically when the heat kicks on!”
Sad repairman: “I’m so sorry, I can come out to your place and…”
*I turn and walk into the kitchen*
*I see Cat on top of the vent *
*It all makes sense*
Me: “…nevermind.”
Sad repairman: “No, miss. I can come over and inspect–”
Me: “Mystery solved. The heat is going up my cat’s ass”.

That guy was really great. I hope he found a better job.

Anyway, back to a year or so ago.

It was all fun and games on a regular Thursday night…and then it happened –>

It was nothing unusual. I was just instagramming a photo of Cat whining at me while warming her butt. A face that I have become well accustomed to. A face I loved.

And it was HI-LARIOUS.

It was instantly internet gold:

Someone stole it and posted it on Imgur and got close to a million views.

My baby girl was a star.

The original cat photo even ended up winning a local photo competition‘s coveted “cat photo” category that year. However, the best part of this whole ordeal was the Reddit Photoshop battle over the photo. Here are some of our favorite photos from awesome strangers on the internet: