One Year Anniversary

Today marks the one year anniversary of me marrying my best friend, Matt Hova. We have a funny story, kinda. We met in high school when he recorded my first solo CD. I got his number from a guy I really musically admired, and just went with it. Our first session together was hilarious since it was at his parent’s house (I met his mom at the door), and he was balding severely at the age of 18. It was gross how bad his hair was, but he was nice. After the session, we were friends for a long time. Then, I was working on a project for Mannheim Steamroller. We needed someone to come and help build a simple sound and light machine for hospital use, and since I knew he was an electrical engineer that could build pretty much anything (seriously), he was the only person I could think of. After the project ended things got serious, and as soon as we started dating we knew it was forever. We made sense. I don’t believe in soul mates, but we are each other’s kindred spirit. I’m a dreamer, and he is a realist. We balance each other, and grow together. I’m so glad to have ended up with a bald guy like him.

Our ceremony was one of the funnest things I’ve ever done: readings from The Office, the changing of Facebook statuses on stage, and high fives all around. It was a picnic with all of our friends and family that could make it (we planned it in a month), and all I saw was him.

Check out the wedding video I made of our story ^