New gig at Lumosity

I’ve accepted a new job at Lumosity! I will be moving to San Francisco, California in order to work as a ruby on rails developer in their main office and will be causing some musical mayhem. My husband, as it turns out, also landed a sweet gig as a senior engineer forAutodesk. We got our offers within 24 hours of each other and decided to run with it. Our cat will be there as well, so things are about to get real weird for her. I don’t think she has left the house more than 4 times in her life. YAY FAMILY NEWS : D

An aspect of the move that is crazy is just the idea of leaving Omaha.  Even though I haven’t lived here for my entire life, it feels like it will always be my home. I grew up as a person, found myself, met my husband, discovered my purpose,  and owe so much to everyone here. I wouldn’t be where I am now without the musicians that raised me here. I had the fortunate experience of beginning to perform with amazing musicians (locally and nationally) ever since I was 13, and having them guide me to be the artist that I am today.  I’m so thankful for their patience as I grew up, as I finally got my act together (ah, to growing up) — People in Omaha are some of the most hard working, honest people I have ever met. They are dreamers,  movers, and shakers. If you have an idea, you can make it happen (like being an electric violinist/neuroscientist LOL that probably shouldn’t mix). No one will tell you “no”, but they will ask you “how?”.

No matter where I go, I will always champion the values that I learned here.