New Gig at 3D Robotics

Hello World,

I’ve got some amazing belated news to share! I have officially joined the team at 3D robotics as a Front End Software Developer! They have a lot of exciting things going on (most of which I have to keep on the DL until later), but I’ve had a really great first few weeks!

I was told that my first few days were going to be pretty laid back :  getting to know people, finding my desk, meandering, ordering my work laptop/gear, figuring out what lunch spots were around the area —— AND THEN JUST KIDDING YOU HAVE TO BUILD A COMPLETE RAILS WEBSITE IN 4 DAYS!


This fun and amazing task was Although this sounds like a nightmare, it really was me in my element. It was a task that I

  1. Was good at. I do a lot of hackathons and building of random junk on my own over a weekend that may or may not see the light of day.
  2. Interested in: Because who wants to program a drone from scratch? Some people, but not me. I love the idea of a really good Drone API.
  3. Involved working with a really rad team. Everyone was so freaking great, and it was a task that allowed us to spend a lot of time working and getting to know each other from day one.

From this lovely chaos was born

Right now we are supporting Android, Python, and Cloud platforms and are looking towards adding iOS and others soon!

The release was announced at the annual Embedded Linux Conference , which then lead to an explosion of media coverage. Check out some articles written about the release :TechCrunch , Engadget , Helibros , Interdrone , Flightclubs , 99 Drones , Tweaktown

So, I guess here is the moral of the story:

You never know where life will take you. When I was a little girl I didn’t imagine that I’d be a professional musician as well as a developer that worked on drones. However, to be fair, I don’t think I knew what a drone was back then…and if I did, I would have thought it was really rad.